HALO spends hours fine-tuning each piece: leather is patiently subjected to intricate ageing techniques, with each product requiring seven stages of hand finishing by skilled craftsmen. Each product also represents a huge number of man hours, necessary to achieve an aesthetic standard that ensures distinct individuality. Irregularities are protected rather than rejected and individuality is cherished rather than banished.

Patience, time and skill nurture each creation, leading to the perfection HALO strives to achieve.

HALO is synonymous with quality, vintage inspired leathers. The quality of aniline hides, our patina finishes that create the Vintage leather aesthetic and our attention to detail are what separates us from the copyists and the imitators. The richness of colour and texture and the luxuriously soft handle are the hallmark of excellence.

Viscount William 3 SeaterĀ 

Material: Uncorrected Aniline Leather

Colour: Pictured Old Glove Leather Espresso

Size:222cm x 101cm x 88cm

A variety of other finishes available in Leather & Fabric- also available in 2+3 seater options plus Armchair.